Terms of Service

Effective November 9, 2020:

By using Richard Thompson Drone Service (further referred to as RTDS, RT Drone Service or The Company)'s product (including but not limited to: Website: www.rtdroneservices.com, RTDS Facebook Page, RTDS Instagram Page, RTDS LinkedIn Page and any other not mentioned products of The Company, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of RTDS or any companies that RTDS uses including, but not limited to: Facebook, Inc., Microsoft Corporation and Alphabet Inc. RTDS reserves the right to deny service to any persons, companies, or entities without reason. RTDS reserves the right to refuse refund to persons, companies or entities without reason. By using products, or requesting services of RTDS, you, as well as the company, are legally bound by the terms agreed to in the contract upon agreement of both sides. In the event of a dispute, RTDS reserves the right to implement the use of arbitration as a use of alternate dispute resolution.